Binance Launches Anti-Scam Program with Law Enforcement

• Binance announces Anti-Scam Program with law enforcement authorities
• Hong Kong Police Force began the trial run for this program
• The anti-crime and crime prevention measures are bolstered by Join Anti-Scam programme

Binance Announces Anti-Scam Program

Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume, has announced that it would be working with law authorities on a new Anti-Scam initiative. The crypto exchange platform released a statement announcing the cooperation, which will see the newly created cyber security measures roll out worldwide.

Partnership With Hong Kong Police Force

According to the press release, the partnership with the Hong Kong Police Force began with a trial run. Along with law enforcement, the exchange „build a targeted alert and crime prevention message that included helpful tips, examples of the most common scams, and relevant resources and contacts.“

Efficient Strategy For Countering Dangers

The biggest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume has added another layer of protection for its global user base. According to the announcement, law enforcement authorities throughout the world would collaborate on the effort. After a successful trial run in Hong Kong. In addition, about 20.4% of users have either reassessed their withdrawal or examined if their transactions included danger of fraud as reported in the statement.

Global Law Enforcement Training Program

In future Binance stated that they are eager to work with more law enforcement authorities in additional locations. It should also be mentioned that anti-crime and crime prevention measures globally of exchange are bolstered by Join Anti-Scam programme as well as Exchange’s Law Enforcement Aid Action and Global Law Enforcement Training Program.

Rise In Cyber Crime A Drag On Digital Asset Market

The rise in cybercrime has undeniably acted as a drag on development of digital asset market. Yet Binance’s ongoing collaboration with conventional law enforcement is an effective strategy for countering this danger