Win 1 WEMIX Token in WEMIX Airdrop Event Celebrating Global Launch of MIR M!

• WEMIX PLAY is hosting a WEMIX token airdrop event until February 28th to celebrate the global launch of its MMORPG, MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond.
• Users who meet certain requirements are eligible to receive 1 WEMIX token each.
• The game also has an Inter-game Economy that allows users to reinvest tokens they have obtained in other games within the platform.

Wemade Hosts WEMIX Airdrop Event

WEMIX PLAY, the number 1 blockchain gaming platform by Wemade, is hosting an airdrop event for the global launch of its MMORPG, MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond. Until February 28th, users can take part in the event and potentially earn 1 WEMIX token each by connecting their game account to PLAY Wallet and reaching character level 25 before then. If more than 1 million people participate in this event, winners will be selected based on which players reached character level 25 first. More information about this event can be found on their official website.

MIR M Features

MIR M is a K-MMORPG featuring martial arts that launched on January 31st. It was created as a recreation of Wemade’s most popular IP, The Legend of Mir 2, with modern game trends in mind and applied blockchain technology for its tokenomics system based on DRONE and DOGMA tokens.

Inter-game Economy

The Inter-game Economy consists of different games within the platform where users can reinvest tokens they have obtained from one game into another – creating a cycle that reinforces itself over time. This includes their most successful blockchain game so far – MIR4 – which ties into this economy as well.

Contact Information

For more information regarding this event or any other inquiries related to Wemade Co., Ltd., please contact Yeonghyun Lee at [email protected]


In conclusion, if you’re interested in earning free rewards while playing your favorite online games then don’t miss out on this opportunity! Through participating in the WEMIX Airdrop Event hosted by Wemade Play you could potentially earn 1 free cryptocurrency token!